Video Game Seizure

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A seizure triggered by extremely close viewing of video games, television shows, or other screen events that feature rhythmic, fast-paced flashes of light and bursts of colour
Workup A thorough clinical and EEG evaluation is needed to identify likely precipitating factors and enable individual guidelines to be offered
Management Avoid precipitating and facilitating factors
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The animated footage could affect the 23,000 people in the UK who have photosensitive epilepsy and may also affect other people who do not yet know that they are photosensitive.
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I have photosensitive epilepsy, which means my seizures are triggered by things like flashing lights.
Kirsty was 17 when she was diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy or PSE.
has announced the initiation of a proof-of-concept study of ICA-105665 in patients with photosensitive epilepsy.
Professor Graham Harding, former director of the Neurosciences Research Institute at Aston University and a world expert on photosensitive epilepsy, has discovered four Nintendo computer games which contain flashing repetitive light sequences which could induce seizures.
Synchronized strobes can eliminate possible restrictions on the number of strobes in the field of view and help comply with ADA requirements concerning photosensitive epilepsy.
Excessive flicker has been the source of complaints over eye fatigue and poor picture quality, as well as serious health concerns like photosensitive epilepsy.
The team, from Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, US, and the University of Essex, homed in on specific visual stimuli known to trigger migraines and which may also cause seizures in those with photosensitive epilepsy.
People with photosensitive epilepsy should not watch 'All of the Lights', featuring Rihanna, said UK charity Epilepsy Action, reports news.