aluminium phosphide

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aluminium phosphide

A pesticide used to fumigate stored grains and rodenticide. Poisoning is more common in farming communities; it is a popular and effective agent for committing suicide in India and Iran. When ingested, it reacts with gastric HCl releasing 1 g of phosphine (10 times its lethal dose), causing death in two hours.

Clinical features
Cardiovascular—arrhythmia, myocarditis, myocardial infarction, hypotensive shock, respiratory distress; GI—epigastric pain, pancreatitis, diarrhoea, vomiting; metabolic effects/chemical pathology—metabolic acidosis, hypercalcaemia, hypomagnesaemia, convulsions, liver failure, kidney failure.
Vascular damage, RBC membrane damage, cytochrome oxidase inhibition with mitochondrial dysfunction, end-organ hypoxia.

Generates phosphine gas (PH3) in contact with water.

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After methyl bromide was discontinued in the nutmeg plant, magtoxin and phostoxin were utilized as the main pesticides in the treatment of nutmeg starting around 1995.
A top CID official of the Sharjah Police said the Somali tenant of the neighbouring apartment had been arrested for using an illegal toxic pesticide called phostoxin in his apartment on the ninth floor.
Six canisters of Phostoxin were stolen from Prokill pest controllers on November 18 - forcing police to issue a stark warning over the possible consequences of the substances falling into the wrong hands.
In this survey, the effect of phostoxin (a fumigant rodenticide) on the main reservoir host and vector of the disease were compared with zinc phosphide 2.
Fumigants commonly used for dis-infestation of grain storage/godown is phosphine (PH3) gas which is produced on the spot from a solid compound, Aluminum phosphide commonly available in the region under different trade names (in Pakistan, it is available as Celphos/Agtoxin/ phostoxin tablet).
It would appear that Phostoxin gas is the substance that caused the deaths.
The neighbours had used Phostoxin tablets and PhospA[degrees]hine gas, Yahya said.
The man was charged in writing then released after admitting he dumped the substance, known as phostoxin, which is used for pest control.
Supply of phostoxin tablets for grain crops evaporation.
Police stressed that the toxic gas, believed to be Phostoxin - a commercial poison used by gardeners and farmers to kill moles - poses no direct threat to the public or livestock, as the risk of contamination is limited to direct exposure.
The brand names containing aluminum phosphide listed by Al-Watan are: Agriphos, Alfox, Cellophos 75, Celphos, Fumiphos, Hiphos, Masaphos, Quickphos, Phosfume, Phostoxin, Premaphos, Shenphos and Synfume.
Phostoxin, a pellet dropped into gopher holes that dissolves into a lethal gas, is effective, but farmers say it's not practical for them to trudge through acres of land scouting for individual gopher holes.