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city in Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia chromosome - an abnormal minute chromosome formed by a rearrangement of chromosomes 9 and 22.
Philadelphia cocktail - Synonym(s): Rivers cocktail
Philadelphia collar - head and neck orthosis.
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To ensure Philadelphians understand "rare, cool and unusual," the Tria Fermentation School opened in 2006.
I started out at 240 pounds, and today I'm 159," said Naomi Williams, who received a miniature Liberty Bell on Tuesday for being the biggest loser among 20,000 Philadelphians who exercised and cut calories in the five-month campaign to shed the city's image as a bunch of fatties stuffing their faces with cheesesteaks.
Many Philadelphians followed Rush's advice and left the tavern for the coffeehouse and other venues.
must have had a different, special meaning for its Black Philadelphian audience.
When Rizzo died before the election, thousands of Philadelphians turned out to mourn him in person, while tens of thousands more mourned him at home.
Nearly half (45%) of Philadelphians who have a credit card "carry a balance" in a typical month.
Program Offers 25% Tuition Discount and Is the Latest in a Series of Initiatives by Peirce to Provide Affordable Education Options to Philadelphians
He has the experience and values to move this city forward for all Philadelphians, and I strongly urge him to run for mayor.
Using a range of primary and secondary sources including the obvious (diaries, advertisements, maps) and the innovative (rail-road timetables), Hepp attempts to show how middle-class Philadelphians constructed an increasingly compartmentalized urban environment in the last quarter of the nineteenth century.
That will show those Philadelphians, with their Independence Hall and their Franklin Institute and their river with real water in it.
Despite Philadanco's longevity, some Philadelphians are not familiar with the company because it does not perform enough in its hometown to sustain a subscription season.
Philadelphia VIP is thrilled to partner with the Citi Foundation to address the mortgage foreclosure crisis and help keep Philadelphians in their homes.