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city in Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia chromosome - an abnormal minute chromosome formed by a rearrangement of chromosomes 9 and 22.
Philadelphia cocktail - Synonym(s): Rivers cocktail
Philadelphia collar - head and neck orthosis.
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Situated on 50 acres in Whitemarsh Township, Spring Mill Corporate Center is a Class A office setting just 10 minutes from downtown Philadelphia that offers superior access to major highways and public transportation.
Philadelphia already has at least three hot zones--outdoor areas where anyone can sign on to the Internet.
The College of Physicians of Philadelphia was founded as a private medical society in 1787 by the city's leading physicians, including Dr.
The AME church emerged out of the Free African Society founded in Philadelphia on April 12, 1787 by Richard Allen, Absalom Jones and several other Freedmen who were barred from prayer at St.
Philadelphia is securely stitched into the fabric of American history.
Given their pursuit of an overtly masculine arena of patriotism and political activism, white colonizationists in Philadelphia experienced a resurgence of local activism with the formation of a Young Men's Colonization Society in 1834.
The previous twenty-five years in Philadelphia had seen a considerable deterioration of the political and economic position of Blacks: They had been completely disenfranchised by the Pennsylvania constitution in 1838, so that they could no longer vote, and by the 1850s they had lost their predominance in many semi-skilled and unskilled occupations to the Irish.
For example, a story in the April 1993 issue of Governing magazine documents how well Philadelphia is doing under its present mayor, Ed Rendeli.
Phillips can recognize almost every new tree there as one that Philadelphia Green planted.
We are extremely pleased to bring the Philadelphia Design & Distribution Center to our portfolio and feel that the particular skills that we bring to the table will allow further enhancement in value, especially considering the current market and property's topnotch tenant roster," stated Dolgin.

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