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 [fen´il, fe´nil]
the monovalent radical, C6H5- derived from benzene by removal of hydrogen. adj., adj phenyl´ic.

phen·yl (Ph, Φ),

The univalent moiety, C6H5-, of benzene.


/phen·yl/ (fen´il) (fe´nil) the monovalent radical C6H5sbond, derived from benzene by removal of a hydrogen.phenyl´ic

phenyl (Ph)

[fē′nil, fen′il]
a monovalent organic radical, C6H5, derived from benzene.


(Ph, Φ) (fen'il)
The univalent radical, C6H5-, of benzene.


the monovalent radical, C6H5.

phenyl salicylate
a salicylic acid ester used as an analgesic.
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The methyl groups in the ortho position to the imide ring twist the phenyl groups out of the plane, creating for each polymer four possible conformational preferences depending on the relative orientation methyl groups to the plane created by the imide rings; +, -: +,-: -,+:+:,-; -,+: +,-; (note shown), -,+:-, + (not shown).
2](Ph)Br complex (Scheme 2, I) starts with the dissociation of the phosphane ligand in the trans position to the phenyl group and the formation of the cis-Pd([PPh.
Figure 10 shows the relationship between the strain and the orientation functions of the transition dipole moment of the polymer main chain and phenyl groups in the side chains of PPhMA and PFPhMA.
3 (wherein R represents an alkyl group having from 1 to 6 carbon atoms, a phenyl group or a cycloalkyl group), and carbon disulfide present in the resulting polymerization reaction mixture, thereby subjecting the 1,3-butadiene to 1,2-polymerization; and (b) cispolybutadiene obtained by a step of adding the foregoing cis-l,4-polymerization catalyst, thereby subjecting the 1,3-butadiene to cis-l,4-polymerization anda rubber composition containing the resulting rubber.
Compound 4h which has substituent hydroxyphenyl group in 5-position of pyrazoline ring shows a red-shift compared with 4a, 4b, 4g and 4i which possess substituent phenyl group in 5-position of pyrazoline ring.
The greater metabolism of acetochlor to CMEPA as compared to the metabolism of alachlor to CDEPA suggests that the methyethyl phenyl group is more readily metabolized than the diethyl phenol group in these pesticides.
When the phenyl group was replaced by 4-bromophenyl group, ring-opening product 2e was achieved in moderate yield.
Replacing one methyl with a phenyl group increses the Tg to -113[degrees]C.
It is conjectured that the phenyl group on this molecule hinders the crosslinking mechanism.
The presence of phenyl group at para position of phenacyl group as in compound 9 (65.
This is attributed to the high aromatic content and close packing in the cyanurate than the cyanate ester Cy(c), which the pendant phenyl group (20).