Hermann Johann, German gynecologist, 1862-1909. See: Pfannenstiel incision.
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He joins the leadership team of CEO Susan Kennedy and co-founder Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, and will continue to serve on the AMS Board of Directors.
Meagher Jr RL, Irvine JE, Breene RG, Pfannenstiel RS, Gallo-Meagher M.
Do a longitudinal abdominal incision for CS in patients with two or more previous Pfannenstiel incisions, especially for an emergency CS, to prevent accidental bowel or bladder injury.
Veterans have a desire to feed their families and their communities," adds Michele Pfannenstiel, Maine chapter president and coordinator of New England activities for Farmer Veteran Coalition.
Although hemorrhagic tendency may be observed in such patients (15), the state could be successfully managed conservatively, for example, by a low transversal Yoel-Cohen incision or a Pfannenstiel curved incision.
The INTRAVESICAL method was performed after radical nephroureterectomy via a Gibson or Pfannenstiel incision and included cystotomy with intravesical excision of a bladder cuff around the intramural ureter and ureteric orifice.
A Pfannenstiel approach was used to reach the pubic symphysis, with a 4-hole Synthes 3.
The transverse signal abnormality related to previous Pfannenstiel incision for caesarean section was noted.
The winner of the award will be announced by jury members including Rainer Holzschuh, Uwe Seeler, Lutz Pfannenstiel and Doris Fitschen on May 5, 2014.
Loos et al found recurrent Pfannenstiel incision to be a significant risk factor for chronic pain (9), but our data did not show an increased incidence of chronic pain among patients who had a previous caesarean delivery.
Fresh autologous transplantation of ovarian cortical strips to the anterior abdominal wall at the pfannenstiel incision site.