Muller, Peter

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Peter, German obstetrician, 1836-1922.
Hillis-Müller maneuver - see under Hillis
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Heading up the Americas team as Managing Director, is Peter Muller.
Peter Muller, head of the Imaging Group at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, said: "Mushroom clouds can form naturally from impact craters or volcanic explosions.
Kontron's expertise is in designing and manufacturing integrated embedded hardware and software solutions which address performance-hungry, power-restricted applications such as in rugged and harsh industrial environments, says Peter Muller, Senior Product Manager at Kontron.
Financial Press: Peter Muller Tel +49-451-882-3121 peter.
The party will meet the founder's great grandson, optometrist Peter Muller, the fourth generation of the optical dynasty, who will share the interesting story.
Peter Muller, ATP's divisional managing director, UK, France and USA said: "We are excited to have secured the services of a pair of top level event creatives in Neil and PJ.
I was at Doncaster two seasons ago when Peter Muller (director of rugby) was relieved of his responsibility and we were bottom or second bottom at the time and I think we won eight out of the last 10.
He belongs to what insiders call the "Andean Pact," the major rival power grouping with three ambitious governors--Roland Koch (Hesse), Christian Wulff (Lower Saxony), and Peter Muller (Saarland).
Gary Teichmann and more recently Percy Montgomery were proven successes at Newport and the Dragons in improving the players around them, while Cardiff gained from the class of another ex-Springbok in Peter Muller.
Erich Gruber and Peter Muller are with Darmstadt University of Technology, Dept.
Harris added a penalty before Nicky Robinson goaled late tries by Andrew Lewis and Peter Muller.
It was, for instance, a Dane, Jens Peter Muller, who established himself as the fitness guru of the belle epoque, purveying the body beautiful to enthusiasts as far-flung as Franz Kafka in Prague.