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Judge Neil Clark said at the time, Butler, who had "drunk a huge amount" did not give an explanation in interview, but had since said he was upset because someone had run over his sister's pet cat.
Police went to the house in response to a neighbor's call and discovered Hibbert's pet cat there.
A BOY too scared to talk has found his voice thanks to his pet cat.
Summary: Dutch artist Bart Jansen has turned his pet cat Orville into a helicopter.
UPSET Claire Anderson, partner Aaron Thompson and little Kayden, two, of Blyth, are distraught after their pet cat died
A 20-year-old man was spared a jail sentence yesterday after he microwaved his pet cat, according to the RSPCA.
THE RSPCA is hunting for thugs who shot a pet cat with an air rifle.
Rosemary Horton hoped to house a stray to keep her pet cat George company following the death of the family dog.
When her pet cat ripped her sofa to shreds, Yvonne Brown was forced to borrow a replacement from her sister.
Now, she enjoys visits with relatives and spending time with her pet cat, Pretty Kitty, who curled around the pillars of a glass coffee table as she talked with a recent visitor.
FOXHOUNDS on a hunt have ripped a pet cat apart in its owner's garden.