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Etymology: L, per + tubare, to disturb
a cause or a condition of disturbance, disorder, or confusion.


In physical therapy, an external force applied to a person's center of mass in an attempt to move it from the base of support


(pĕr″tĕr-bā′shŭn) [L. perturbare, thoroughly disordered]
1. The state of being greatly disturbed or agitated; uneasiness of mind.
2. A disturbance or a change in a structure or function, usually as a result of an external influence.


n a small disturbance that tips a metastable system over into disorder and chaos.
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We also look for more effects of E on the perturbations and the associated potentials.
The key words were: trip, trips, tripping, slip, slips, slipping, perturbation, perturbations, "perturbation-based balance training", platform, treadmill, "agility training", "dynamic balance training" all linked by the term 'OR'.
When modeling genotype/phenotype relationships caused by perturbations such as disease states or drug toxicity effects, an important aspect that must be considered is that there is considerable redundancy or "promiscuity" within biological networks (Carbonell et al.
Second, nonfragile MPC problems with additive and multiplicative gain perturbations are, respectively, studied.
Perturbation and Observe (P&O) algorithm is most commonly used in practical experiments due to its simplicity.
The increased pressure perturbations wreck the walls of chamber and can destroy it completely.
3) as functions of the perturbations in the data A, S, Q, R, T.
Ces perturbations, ont engendre un rallongement du delai de transit des marchandises atteignant 30 jours causant ainsi, des retards au niveau du dedouanement, de la production et de la commercialisation de nos produits.
This event is analyzed by studying the velocity perturbations analysis of 2,141 fragments cataloged through 201 days following the event.
In the mid- to late-19th Century, astronomers were tracking the gravitational perturbations of the gas giant planets in an effort to track down an undiscovered world in the outermost reaches of the solar system - this hypothetical massive planet was dubbed "Planet X.

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