instrumental activities of daily living

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instrumental activities of daily living (IADL)

the activities often performed by a person who is living independently in a community setting during the course of a normal day, such as managing money, shopping, telephone use, travel in community, housekeeping, preparing meals, and taking medications correctly. Increasing inability to perform IADLs may result in the need for care facility placement. Compare activities of daily living.

instrumental activities of daily living

A series of life functions necessary for maintaining a person's immediate environment–eg, obtaining food, cooking, laundering, housecleaning, managing one's medications, phone use; IADL measures a person's–elderly, mentally handicapped or terminally ill ability to live independently. See Dependency.

in·stru·men·tal ac·tiv·i·ties of dai·ly liv·ing

(IADL) (in'strŭ-men'tăl ak-tiv'i-tēz dā'lē liv'ing)
Activities oriented to interactions with the environment, more complex than activities of daily living (ADL); usually optional or can be delegated (e.g., care of pets, financial management, meal preparation, clean up and shopping).
Synonym(s): personal activities of daily living.

instrumental activities of daily living

Abbreviation: IADL
Those activities and tasks beyond basic self-care that are necessary for living independently. These activities include communication, mobility, cooking, using the telephone, cleaning the house, doing laundry, shopping, going to the bank, and managing medications.
Synonym: extended activities of daily living See: activities of daily living; self-care
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Frank, sitting just behind the little girls, heard what they were saying, and pushed his crutch away from him with an impatient gesture as he watched the active lads going through all sorts of comical gymnastics.
With them he pushed off; and, after much weary pulling, and many perilous, unsuccessful onsets, he at last succeeded in getting one iron fast.
Tom lay upon a sofa with an eager audi- tory about him and told the history of the wonderful adventure, putting in many striking additions to adorn it withal; and closed with a description of how he left Becky and went on an exploring expedition; how he followed two avenues as far as his kite-line would reach; how he followed a third to the fullest stretch of the kite-line, and was about to turn back when he glimpsed a far-off speck that looked like daylight; dropped the line and groped toward it, pushed his head and shoulders through a small hole, and saw the broad Mississippi rolling by
She was almost frightened for a moment when she felt that it turned without difficulty and that when she pushed upon the door itself it slowly and heavily opened.
The heavy sliding door in the opposite wall was pushed back, and the Arctic atmosphere of Freeze-your-Bones was pouring unhindered into the empty room.
On the broad landing between Miss Havisham's own room and that other room in which the long table was laid out, I saw a garden-chair - a light chair on wheels, that you pushed from behind.
He pushed, pressed, groped about, but the glass apparently obeyed no one but Erik.
The porters and fellahs rushed down the quay, and a dozen boats pushed off from the shore to go and meet the steamer.
This led me down to the stream, across which I stepped and pushed my way up through the undergrowth beyond.
The Editor filled a glass of champagne, and pushed it towards him.
Exploring, however, one of the side wings of the gallery, after making a sign to Porthos to explore the other, he saw, all at once, at his left, a tub containing an orange tree, which had been pushed out of its place and in its place an open aperture.
Crooks suddenly broke up his feigned trading establishment, embarked his men and effects, and, after giving the astonished rear-guard of savages a galling and indignant message to take to their countrymen, pushed down the river with all speed, sparing neither oar nor paddle, day nor night, until fairly beyond the swoop of these river hawks.

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