Persian Gulf

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Persian Gulf,

location of war where the syndrome was first experienced.
Persian Gulf syndrome - various symptoms experienced by veterans of the Persian Gulf War.
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Noting that the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz and Iran's territorial waters were at present the most secure geographical waters in the world, he said, "At present different types of foreign military vessels and 40 US warships and logistic ships are present in these regions but certainly, security is established there due to the measures adopted by our forces.
In early 2011, Iran started the mass-production of the Persian Gulf anti-ship missile which is designed to destroy targets and hostile forces at sea.
It had started mass production of the Persian Gulf missile, which reportedly carries a 650kilogram warhead.
7) The Bushehr province of Iran is the home of Persian Gulf University.
Middle adolescents' views of war and American military involvement in the Persian Gulf.
Today, the Carter Doctrine stretches far beyond the Persian Gulf.
Up to that time, the vessel had steamed 16,000 miles in a transit of the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and Persian Gulf.
First, the emphasis placed on Basic regimes is not unique to the Persian Gulf or emergent regional powers.
It is a "reality" constructed by crusading reporters, activists, demagogic congressmen, and, sadly, by Persian Gulf vets who have become convinced they are the victims of a conspiracy deeper and broader than anything on The X-Files.
In a speech Saturday on Persian Gulf Day, Firuzabadi said, "The Arab dictatorships in the Persian Gulf are unable to contain the popular uprisings.
Air Force officials point to the Persian Gulf War when an Iraqi Scud missile slammed into a barracks in Saudi Arabia and killed 27 Americans troops and wounded 98 others.
F/A-18s from VFA-147 were in action in the Persian Gulf in March 1991.