A trademark for the drug pergolide mesylate.
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Other resin emulsions that Lubrizol will be highlighting include its Permax 805 polyvinylidene chloride emulsion with enhanced shelf life stability and Carboset CR-795 polymer for improved chemical and corrosion resistance and adhesion in metal coatings.
SOCIETE PARKINSON CANADA, 2012, Un reglement a ete approuve relativement au recours collectif concernant Permax, Recupere du site web de la Societe Parkinson du Canada le 24 aout 2011 : http://www.
They are suing Pfizer Australia, over its drug Cabaser and Aspen Pharmacare, which marketed and distributed the drug Permax in Australia.
PERMAX Spray Polyurethane Closed-Cell Foam Insulation by Henry Co.
To keep pharmacists abreast of the rapidly changing pharmaceutical marketplace, RelayHealth has used messaging alerts to notify pharmacies about safety concerns for Vioxx, Bextra and Permax.
Several of Noveon's products are designed to impart flame retardant and breathable barrier properties to nonwoven substrates under the MyFlam and Permax product lines.
The manufacturers of the Parkinson's therapy Permax (pergolide) on March 29 agreed to take the dopamine agonist off the market as soon as possible, according to the Food and Drug Administration, which sought the recall.
The US Food and Drug Administration said today that pergolide, sold under the name Permax and also in generic versions, is being withdrawn at the agency's request.
Although there is no cure for Parkinson's, there are a number of highly effective medications, including Parlodel, Permax and Mirapex, that can significantly improve a patient's level of functioning.
In fact, in three recent studies--one on each of the drugs Permax, Mirapex, and Requip-researchers took patients who were newly diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and these patients were randomized between levodopa and one of those three drugs.
The Perfect Resume Computer Kit, Tom Jackson (Woodstock, NY: Permax Systems, Inc.
Antiparkinsonism Agents -- L-DOPA, Sinemet, Symmetrel, Cogentin, Artane, Kemadrin, Benadryl, Akineton, Parlodel, Permax, Eldepryl