Periodontal Index

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Per·i·o·don·tal In·dex (PI),

an index for the epidemiologic classification of periodontal disease.

periodontal index

a measure of an individual's periodontal condition. It is determined by adding scores based on the condition of the gingiva and dividing the sum by the number of teeth present. Individuals with clinically normal gingiva have an index of 0 to 0.2. The index reaches a maximum of 8.0 in persons with severe terminal destructive periodontitis.

Per·i·o·don·tal In·dex

(PI) (perē-ō-dontăl indeks)
An index for the epidemiologic classification of periodontal disease.

Per·i·o·don·tal In·dex

(PI) (perē-ō-dontăl indeks)
Index for epidemiologic classification of periodontal disease.
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