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Sequenced strength-training program that varies training volume and intensity to optimize physiologic functional capacity and exercise performance by structuring training into time blocks of different duration (macrocycles, mesocycles, microcycles). The goal is to prevent staleness while peaking physiologically for competition.
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The last part of the book raises questions about periodisation.
Leur creation suit des logiques specifiques qui renvoient a la gestion de la memoire collective et sont appuyees sur des collectivites initiatrices selon une periodisation specifique.
Practised by sportspersons and bodybuilders worldwide, the concept of periodisation is gaining popularity among gym goers too as it helps build cardiovascular strength and create better defined and heavier muscles
La periodisation dendrochronologique des arbres possedant encore de l'ecorce et dont la datation est anterieure a l'amenagement de cette premiere mine porte a croire que des grumes de bois d'oeuvre empilees a la mine Joggins toute proche (ouverte en 1847) ont servi aux travaux de construction de la mine.
It does not overcome issues of periodisation and generalisation of supposed life stages that affect much midcareer and midlife analysis.
Grouped into five categories--Period, Text, Nation, Geography, and Reformation--the essays treat "questions of periodisation, the technology of print, nationhood, visual and cartographic culture, and religion" (7).
Hollander and others warned that periodisation tends to exaggerate progress, chronicling an apparent evolution towards an ever more desirable state.
This periodisation differentiates between the various moments in time that relate to important sociopolitical events.
Such a periodisation, while familiar from countless Labour Party histories, has much to recommend it.
Cette periodisation, relativement conventionnelle, suscite cependant la curiosite en ce qui concerne les epoques les plus recentes.
The paper is organised as follows: The first section gives a brief overview of the process of reform in China's industrial sector and especially its SOEs, with three sub-sections that explain our reform periodisation, then describe the first and second reforms periods in somewhat more detail.
La sociologie a l'epreuve de l'exiguite: periodisation et analyse comparative des travaux portant sur l'Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick, in Martin Paquet et Stephane Savard (red.