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the external male organ of urination and copulation.

The body of the penis consists of three cylindrical-shaped masses of erectile tissue which run the length of the penis. Two of the masses lie alongside each other and end behind the head of the penis. The third mass lies underneath them. This latter mass contains the urethra. The penis terminates in an oval or cone-shaped body, the glans penis, which contains the exterior opening of the urethra.

The glans penis is covered by a loose skin, the foreskin or prepuce, which enables it to expand freely during erection. The skin ends just behind the glans penis and folds forward to cover it. The inner surface of the foreskin contains glands that secrete a lubricating fluid called smegma which makes it easy for the penis to expand and retract past the foreskin.
buried penis concealed penis.
clubbed penis penile curvature.
concealed penis a small penis concealed beneath a fat pad or the skin of the scrotum, abdomen, or thigh; called also buried penis.
double penis diphallus.
webbed penis a penis enclosed by the skin of the scrotum.


, pl.




(pē'nis, pē'nēz, pē'nis-ez), [TA]
The organ of copulation and urination in the male; formed of three columns of erectile tissue, two arranged laterally on the dorsum (corpora cavernosa penis) and one median ventrally (corpus spongiosum penis); the urethra traverses the latter; the extremity (glans penis) is formed by an expansion of the corpus spongiosum and is more or less completely covered by a free fold of skin (prepuce).
[L. tail]


/pe·nis/ (pe´nis) the male organ of urination and copulation.
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Penis. (A), Median sagittal section; (B), transverse section.

concealed penis  a small penis hidden by a skin abnormality or the suprapubic fat pad.
webbed penis  a penis that is enclosed by the skin of the scrotum, which extends onto its shaft.


n. pl. pe·nises or pe·nes (-nēz)
1. The male organ of copulation in higher vertebrates. In mammals, it also serves as the male organ of urinary excretion.
2. Any of various copulatory organs in males of lower animals.


Etymology: L, male sex organ
the external reproductive organ of a man, homologous with the clitoris of a woman. It is attached with ligaments to the front and sides of the pubic arch and is composed of three cylindrical masses of cavernous tissue covered with skin. The corpora cavernosa penis surrounds a median mass called the corpus spongiosum penis, which contains the greater part of the urethra. The subcutaneous fascia of the penis is directly continuous with that of the scrotum, which contains the testes.
Anatomy The intromittent male urinary and copulatory organ, comprising a root, shaft, and at the end, glans penis, foreskin; the shaft consists of 2 parallel cylindrical bodies, the corpora cavernosa and around the urethra inferiorly, the corpus spongiosum is homologous to the clitoris
Veterinary medicine Any of various copulatory organs in males of lower animals


, pl. penes, penises (pē'nis, -nēz, -ni-sĕz) [TA]
The organ of copulation in the male; it is formed of three columns of erectile tissue, two arranged laterally on the dorsum (corpora cavernosa penis) and one median below (corpus spongiosum); the urethra traverses the latter; the extremity (glans penis) is formed by an expansion of the corpus spongiosum, and is more or less completely covered by a free fold of skin (preputium).
[L. tail]


(pe'nis) plural.penises, penes [L.]
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The male organ of copulation and, in mammals, of urination. It is a cylindrical pendulous organ suspended from the front and sides of the pubic arch. It is homologous to the clitoris in the female. See: illustration; circumcision; penile prosthesis; Peyronie's disease; priapism


The penis is composed mainly of erectile tissue arranged in three columns, the whole being covered with skin. The two lateral columns are the corpora cavernosa penis. The third or median column, known as the corpus spongiosum, contains the urethra. The body is attached to the descending portion of the pubic bone by the crura of the penis. The cone-shaped head of the penis, the glans penis, contains the urethral orifice. It is covered with a movable hood known as the foreskin or prepuce, under which is secreted the substance called smegma.

Hyperemia of the genitals fills the corpora cavernosa with blood as the result of sexual excitement or stimulation, thus causing an erection. The hyperemia subsides following orgasm and ejaculation of the seminal fluid. The organ then returns to its flaccid condition. The size of the flaccid penis does not necessarily correlate with that of the erect penis.

buried penis

A penis that is covered by overlying pubic skin and fat.

The occult location of the organ can interfere with normal urination and with sexual penetration.

penis captivus

During sexual intercourse, the locking of a couple together owing to the penis being entrapped in the vagina. Even though this is quite common in dogs, the evidence that it occurs in human beings for more than a few moments, if ever, is lacking.

clubbed penis

The condition in which the penis is curved during erection.

double penis

A congenital deformity in which the penis in the embryo is completely divided by the urethral groove.

penis envy

In psychoanalysis, the female's desire to have a penis.

penis lunatus


penis palmatus

A penis enclosed by the scrotum. Synonym: webbed penis

webbed penis

Penis palmatus.


The male organ of copulation containing the URETHRA through which urine and seminal fluid pass. The normally flaccid penis becomes enlarged and erect by virtue of three longitudinal cylindrical bodies of spongy tissue into which blood can flow under pressure under the influence of sexual excitement or other stimuli. One of these bodies, the corpus spongiosum, surrounds the urethra. The other two, the corpora cavernosa, lie side by side above the corpus spongiosum. Erection physiology is mediated partly by nitric oxide.




the copulatory organ of a male animal which conveys the sperm to the genital tract of the female.


the external male organ of urination and copulation. Its structure varies a great deal between the species. In carnivores and horses the bulk of the organ is erectile tissue; in cats and dogs there is a bone included in the glans. In cats the penis is directed backwards (retromingent). In ruminants and pigs the bulk of the penis is connective tissue and the organ is long and firm and has a large sigmoid flexure which disappears when the penis is in the erect state. In rams and goat bucks the penile urethra is continued beyond the glans as the urethral process. See also penile.

corkscrew penis
see corkscrew penis.
corpus cavernosum penis
one of the two bodies that make up the dorsal compartment of erectile tissue, grooved below to carry the corpus spongiosum penis (syn. corpus cavernosum urethrae). It arises from each side of the ischial arch as the crus penis and at its anterior end is enclosed by the glans which is an extension of the corpus spongiosum.
corpus spongiosum penis
a column of erectile tissue around the urethra of the penis and extending into the glans penis.
short penis
an uncommon, possibly inherited, defect in some breeds of cattle.
supernumerary penis
a rare deformity, usually ectopic.
penis urethral process detached
the free end of the penis has a bifid structure.

Patient discussion about penis

Q. is it possible to enlarge my penis?

A. sexual organs come in all sizes,if you were born with i small organ thats the way it is,it dont matter how big or small it is -it how you use it---mrfoot56

Q. what is the avrage 12 yr old penis lengh

A. Guys normally develop at different times. Some may start developing as early as 9. Others may not start developing until 15 or even later. The age at which a guy starts to grow varies from person to person. It all depends on when he enters puberty and his hormones start doing their thing.

Q. Is my penis supposed to look like this? A few years a go I was masturbating and had a sharp pain and stopped. It was swollen. The doctor said it was fine, no structural damage it was probably just irritated. Two years later I still have extra foreskin. It doesn't affect my sex and not noticeable with an erection. I am just curious... what happened?!?!

A. i'm no expert on this...but i wouldn't worry about it too much, if it looks fine erect and doesn't hurt - it's all good. and unless you plan to run naked in barbwired field- it won't give you any problem. i guess it's the body reaction to excess usage, like your body gaining hight if playing basketball while growing.

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