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A name in alternative and complementary medicine given to Mentha pulegium (an aromatic pennyroyal), or to Hedeoma pulegeoides (American pennyroyal) (family Labiatae); an aromatic stimulant formerly used as an emmenagogue.


Herbal medicine
An aromatic herb that is used internally for anxiety, bloating, colds, coughs, indigestion, menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome.
Pennyroyal should not be used in pregnancy, as it stimulates uterine contraction; it should not be given to young children; it may cause liver damage.


n Latin names:
Hedeoma pulegioides, Mentha pulegium; parts used: flowers, leaves; uses: abortifacient, digestive conditions, liver conditions, gallbladder conditions, skin diseases, colic, menstrual complaints, respiratory conditions; precautions: abortifacient, pregnancy, lactation, children, seizure disorders, liver disease, kidney disease, extremely toxic; should not be ingested. Also called
American pennyroyal, European pennyroyal, mock pennyroyal, mosquito plant, pudding grass, squawbalm, squawmint, or


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