Pediatric AIDS Program

Pediatric AIDS Program,

an endeavor administered by the Federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau for children infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which produces acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Projects funded under the program provide comprehensive health services to the children and social support for affected families. Prevention of HIV infection among children and the identification of HIV-positive pregnant women along with counseling and follow-up care are also part of the Pediatric AIDS Program.
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The PR Health Department, through the pediatric AIDS program coordinated this task island wide.
Anonymous HIV neonatal sero-surveillance study of pregnant women, CDC, PR Health Department, Pediatric AIDS Program Personal communication Rolando Jimenez
The course of the disease is extraordinarily variable, as illustrated by two examples of real children followed in the Pediatric AIDS Program.
Alan Meyers, MD, MPH, Pediatric AIDS Program, Boston City Hospital, 818 Huntington Ave.
Money raised will go towards building the new Batchelor Children's Center, Comprehensive Research Institute, the Mailman Center for Child Development, the Pediatric AIDS programs, and the Pediatric Mobile Clinic that delivers health care to Miami's poorest neighborhoods.
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