Jean, French anatomist, 1622-1674. See: Pecquet cistern, Pecquet duct, receptaculum pecqueti, Pecquet reservoir.
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Prioult G, Pecquet S, Fliss I (2005) Allergenicity of acidic peptides from bovine [beta]-lactoglobulin is reduced by hydrolysis with Bifidobacterium lactis NCC362 enzymes.
Records of its use can be traced back to the 1600', when Swammerdam, Boyle, Pecquet and Ruysch first made the technique widespread, with Swammerdam having the general adoption of the technique attributed to him (Narat et al.
12) Linda Robinson, "Assessment of the Politico-Military Campaign to Counter ISIL and Options for Adaptation," RAND Corporation, 2016; Julian Pecquet, "Fundamental fallacy' in Obama's plan to arm Syrian rebels?
Pecquet is associate professor of economics at Central Michigan University.
Ramsey Cox & Julian Pecquet, Senate Rejects United Nations Treaty for Disabled Rights in a 61-38 Vote, Hill (Dec.
Contract notice: Conversion of polluted urban wasteland pecquet tesson construction and housing 45 to crouy.
Also, Coats, Pecquet, and Taylor (2005) find moderate support for the Alchian-Allen theorem, claiming from their estimates that the income effect in the relative demand for premiumgrade gasoline is likely to be weak.
Pecquet Svetozar Pejovich Mark Pennington Pierre Perrin Steven E.
Julian Pecquet of al-Monitor makes the same type of claims.
This article by Julian Pecquet, originally appeared in Al Monitor/
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