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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine
Molecular biology M-203 mouse A mouse model for the human disease, cystinuria type 1, which has an induced missense mutation in the SLC3A1 gene. Its name derives from the impressive size of the calculi (stones) linked to the mutation
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Insert stems of succulents into the pebbles and moss (no floral foam will be needed).
Then she started a Facebook page, Linwood Pebbles, so people could post photos of the rock monsters and ghosts they'd found - and learn when other pebbles would appear.
The pebbles have been turned over by PCG to the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources in Batangas City for safekeeping and proper disposition.
Nothing came to mind except small pieces of stone and a big solid rock - pebbles and boulder.
Decide which end of your pebble is going to be the face and paint this black as well as painting a black stripe down the middle and some black spots (use the image right, as a reference).
However, the bundled cables are really short, so it will be a rare desktop PC setup that will suit the Pebbles.
He will play the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am alongside his 10-handicapper dad Kenny, who was present for that landmark win.
Best Mexican Beach Pebbles is a leading supplier of high quality, low cost Mexican river rock nationwide.
Instead, Pebbles was urinating submissively to try to appease her angry, violent owner, and all of the punishment her owner subjected her to was only making the problem worse.
It was on Newmarket's Rowley Mile before the Cheveley Park Stakes that I clapped eyes on Pebbles for the first time and I couldn't call her a pretty sight.
Susan, 48, has been so busy working all over the world that she has only seen 11-year-old Pebbles three times since July.
Replacement pebbles for a gas fire must be the real thing