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Pearson syndrome in the neonatal period: two case reports and review of the literature.
Early neurological impairment and severe anemia in a newborn with Pearson syndrome.
A novel deletion in a Pearson syndrome infant with hypospadias and cleft lip and palate.
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Two new cases with Pearson syndrome and review of Hacettepe experience.
Tubulopathy and pancytopaenia with normal pancreatic function: a variant of Pearson syndrome.
Hematologic features and clinical course of an infant with Pearson syndrome caused by a novel deletion of mitochon drial DNA.
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3-Methylglutaconic aciduria associated with Pearson syndrome and respiratory chain defects.
Blood spots have also been used for screening patients at risk for mitochondrial disorders such as medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (19,20) and Pearson syndrome, a multisystem juvenile disorder associated with deletions in the mitochondrial genome (21).
Detection of mtDNA deletion in Pearson syndrome by two independent PCR assays from Guthrie card.

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