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Karl, English mathematician, 1857-1936. See: Poisson-Pearson formula, McArdle-Schmid-Pearson disease.
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After massive feasts in town, villagers transported bodies about 2 miles up the River Avon to Stonehenge, where some were interred after cremation, according to Parker Pearson.
Pearson was asked to return to the firm where she'd spent the previous six years mentoring young brokers entering the residential rental market and building up one of the most successful small firms in the city.
SANTA CLARITA - The uphill trail that bears her name is the perfect metaphor for the 15-plus years Karen Pearson has spent as an environmental activist.
Pearson Education (Upper Saddle River, NJ), the international media and education company, today announced the acquisition of AGS Publishing (Shoreview, MN) from WRC Media (New York) for $270 million in cash, or almost 1.
has established a memorial fund for the family of Roy Pearson, a field service technician for the company who died suddenly while away from home on a service call in Massachusetts.
In 1998, Timothy Pearson, then the owner of a small janitorial services company, took a taxi home.
After recycling on the small screen for a couple of years, the entire cast of ReBoot -- the popular computer-animated TV series produced by Vancouver--headquartered Mainframe Entertainment -- is back on the drawing board for new adventures with a "wash and brush--up," as Mainframe CEO and ReBoot creator Ian Pearson describes in charmingly old--school fashion.
An indicator that Pearson planned to shed its subsidiary, the Financial Times Energy operation (NL/NL 9/15/00) came last this past summer with the firing of key personnel at its Arlington, Virginia, location and the shifting of many functions to Boulder, Colorado.
YEARS BEFORE WOODWARD AND BERNSTEIN, there was Pearson and Anderson.
Other sources make it clear, however, that Palmer and Pearson differed not in the patterns they describe, but only in the fullness of their accounts.
Doug Pearson, who is retiring after a 34-year career.