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Karl, English mathematician, 1857-1936. See: Poisson-Pearson formula, McArdle-Schmid-Pearson disease.
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I have no doubt that Toolworks represents a marvelous opportunity not only to buy an attractive stake in the market for family-entertainment software, but also to bring on board some richly talented people whose skills I believe will make a difference to Pearson in many areas of our growing media business.
The offices of Harlan, Pearson Valuation Services are located at 150 East 58 Street.
Weidenhammer Systems Corporation today announced the acquisition of CIMS([R]) Finance and CIMS Student from Pearson School Systems.
Doug Pearson described the Edwards role in supporting the Iraq war effort.
Pearson Knowledge Technologies today announced that WriteToLearn([TM]), a Web-based learning tool that helps students develop writing and reading comprehension skills, is a finalist in the Software & Information Industry Association's (SIIA) 22nd Annual Codie Awards.
Santa Clarita Valley Sierra Club founder Karen Pearson is being honored with the Weldon Heald Conservation Award, the highest given by the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, in recognition of her years of service to the conservation community.
Complete Web-Based Tool Developed by Pearson Knowledge Technologies Builds Student Writing and Reading Comprehension Skills
Doug Pearson predicted an expanded role for Edwards Air Force Base in testing spacecraft for the Air Force of the future.
Pearson Digital Learning (PDL), a leader in proven, comprehensive technologies for preK-12 education, has released two Web-based solutions for helping English language learners (ELL) achieve required levels of English proficiency and meet the accountability mandates of No Child Left Behind.
13, 1985, when Pearson became the first - and, thus far, only - pilot to shoot down a satellite in space.
Pearson School Systems, a business of Pearson Education, the world's leading integrated education company, today announced the release of Pearson Inform 4.
Doug Pearson, commander of the Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards' parent unit.