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Referring to the opalescent sheen seen by gross examination of colonies of Bordetella pertussis in culture
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Laughter at the Pearly Gates HOW saddened I am to hear of the passing of another one of Knotty Ash's finest.
The biggest triple-sided window at the corner of Oxford Street has 10 Pearly Kings and Queens-inspired Father Christmases adorned with almost 120,000 pearly buttons.
There are many reasons why pearly whites might not be very pearly white.
Tenders are invited for hot water tanks V = 70m3 (2 pieces) to the object: "Construction of the boiler for heating decentralization agrotown" pearly "Baranovichy area.
Be a pearly queen with one of these embellished on-trend buys 1 at the double Make a statement in this pearl bead-button blazer, PS79.
Adam Kirby could be a significant booking for Pearly Prince 9.
Then, it has been recovered with a pearly white spray and finished with a silkscreened pass of gold.
com)-- When it comes to pearly penile papules, there are two schools of thought.
A PEARLY Kings and Queens are regarded as the aristocracy of costermongers and were originally elected by them to protect their rights from competitors.
In fact, had this winsome lot been around back then with their perfect complexion and pearly white teeth they'd have been burned as witches.
Life is calmer, smooth and sweet, No looking back, no mere defeat, So, dear reader at that pearly Gate, Just bide your time, you''ll have to wait.
The Pearly Diner, meanwhile, is a restaurant like no other and a world first for Newcastle and Gateshead because it has no menu.