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Referring to the opalescent sheen seen by gross examination of colonies of Bordetella pertussis in culture
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Pearlies evolved from street sellers pedalling fruit and vegetables in the street.
No wonder old Swoony put in such a dazzling performance in his latest flick, Intolerable Cruelty - he had his pearlies lasered white by Britesmile especially for the role.
The actor's dazzling smile has been dimmed by his dentist, who chipped out pieces of the Pitt pearlies.
One flash of his blinding pearlies and his man-boobs and my ovaries spring to attention and start doing a jig.
Standing there with his pearlies dazzling almost as fiercely as his Persil-bright T-shirt, Joey's all-American sheen is causing serious glare on my car windscreen.
6 Forget the fizz Most fizzy drinks - diet or regular - are acidic, which means they cause damage to our pearlies.
I PERSONALLY believe the British chancellor Gordon Brown's PR people when they tell us his teeth have been transformed from small, green, misshapen lumps into the perfectly regular pearlies now gracing his face purely as a by-product of ordinary dental maintenance.
But despite reportedly spending a fortune on dentistry and dazzling pearlies, he loses points for an overlapping top tooth and asymmetrical front teeth.