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Referring to the opalescent sheen seen by gross examination of colonies of Bordetella pertussis in culture
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Some Pearlies want their own life, and one that doesn't involve this tradition.
In contrast, Duncan's perfect pearlies gleamed, sparkled and tantalised like a Colgate ad.
We spotted him cleaning his teeth on the go with new Oral B Brush-Aways (99p for 3) a little pad you slip over your finger and then rub over your pearlies to freshen up and remove plaque.
Poor Prince Charles is having to fork out a fortune to set his pearlies right (Sunday People, last week) when younger brother Andrew can flash such a magnificent smile.
Hugh Grant flashes the pearlies as he reveals some teething difficulties he had on his latest movie - the mobster comedy Mickey Blue Eyes.
The complainant assumed the pounds 99 cost was for two people to have their pearlies whitened, when it was for either the upper or lower set of teeth.
Kat, 18, paid a flying visit to Susan to get her pearlies polished up for the Vampyre Society's Hallowe'en ceilidh next weekend.