Frederick W., English physician, 1829-1911. See: Pavy disease.
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The 'House Bill Number One' was specifically intended to remove a long-standing opponent of his reforms, Judge Benjamin Henry Pavy.
Situee dans la commune de Bologhine, au sommet d'un promontoire dominant la Mediterranee, la basilique de Notre-Dame d'Afrique a ete construite au milieu du XIXe siecle a l'initiative de Mgr Pavy, eveque d'Alger, entre 1846 et 1866.
This year's winners are: Sarah Charlton, Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Security Studies, Islamic Civilizations, $12,000; Kathryn Bonnen, Michigan State University Computer Science, $6,625; Paula Koch, George Washington University, Security Policy Studies, $4,000; Kayla Hinrichs, Missouri State University (Army ROTC), Defense and Strategic Studies, $4,000; Charlotte Wygant, George Washington University (Navy ROTC), Middle Eastern Studies, $4,000; Anna Marie Pavy Georgetown University, Biohazardous Threat Agents and Emerging Infectious Diseases, $500.
Sarah Sunday Holmes and Anna Grace Pavy served as flower girls.
As a result of our ongoing commitment to quality, the Viking Signature Warranty shows our customers and the appliance industry the confidence that Viking Range Corporation has in its products," said Bob Pavy, Viking Vice President-Product Service.
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Herve Pavy, a French prosecutor, said: "The three Somali pirates apprehended [on April 10] were brought onto national territory and taken into custody on April 14".
The team also included George Hilaro Barlow (1806-1866), George Owen Rees (1813-1889), George Robinson (1821-1875), and Frederick William Pavy (1829-1911).