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If substitution is as fundamental a process as we take it to be, the principles of Pavlovian conditioning should apply to all relations of the psychological variety.
Specifically, the moral sense embodied in one's "conscience" is acquired through a process of Pavlovian conditioning, the functioning of which is itself genetically determined to a large extent.
A model of stimulus generalization for Pavlovian conditioning.
He was described as a true mentor and teacher of Pavlovian Conditioning.
Keywords: symbolic behavior, functional equivalence, Pavlovian conditioning, humans.
In Pavlovian conditioning, temporal contiguity may be altered by increasing the time between the onset of the conditioned stimulus (CS) and the onset of the unconditioned stimulus (US), the CS-US interval.
However, a growing body of research suggests that Pavlovian conditioning could play a role in asthma symptoms.
Unlike previous chapters, Pavlovian conditioning and its contribution to the discounting process receive significant attention.
Some readers may object to classifying ostensive learning as a variety of Pavlovian conditioning, but this is mainly a terminological issue.
mirror reading) and Pavlovian conditioning, in spite of having no explicit memory of these experiences.
Field (2006) outlined mechanisms other than direct Pavlovian conditioning that may lead to the acquisition of a conditioned response.
Other results also appeared to question the role of Pavlovian conditioning.