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Ivan P., Russian physiologist and Nobel laureate, 1849-1936. See: pavlovian conditioning, Pavlov method, Pavlov pouch, Pavlov stomach, Pavlov reflex.

Pavlov, Ivan Petrovich

[pav′lôv, pä′vlôf]
(1849-1936), a Russian physiologist who discovered a pattern of conditioned stimulus-reflex learning, the manner in which the physiological mechanism of digestion is controlled by the nervous system, and a theory of the causes and treatment of human neuroses.
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This will be followed by a discussion of Ivan Pavlov who, unlike Twitmyer, seized the opportunity presented to him in the course of his investigations thereby opening up a whole new program of research into human and animal behavior.
This new PoP will enhance the reach of Pavlov Media's national fiber optic backbone, providing better regional positioning in the Rocky Mountain region and ensuring a secure and reliable customer experience for its end users.
The key to understanding Pavlov's Weltanschauung is the Russian word pravil 'nost ', which Pavlov defined as regularity, lawfulness, and correctness.
Pavlov was born in Komi, Russia, in 1983 and previously served in the Russian military in Chechnya before climbing the ranks of separatist groups in Ukraine.
In a 2015 telephone interview with the Kyiv Post newspaper, a man who identified himself as Pavlov was recorded as saying he had murdered 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war.
En el trabajo de Ruiz, Sanchez y De la Casa (2003), se realiza un analisis critico de la influencia de Pavlov en America (del norte, fundamentalmente).
Pavlov stressed that the Sadya will be an educational experience for diners, opening doors to other cultures to which they might not otherwise be exposed.
Pavel Adylin, Artezio CEO, “Sergey Pavlov is one of the key technical experts at Artezio who is engaged in most of the projects for our customers.
Country: RussiaSector: Petroleum/Natural Gas/CoalTarget: OAO Rosneft Buyer: Andrey Votinov, Igor Pavlov, Didier Casimiro, Peter Lazarev, Yuri Kalinin, Larisa Kalanda, Igor SechinDeal size in USD: 5.
He added: "A multi-agency investigation determined that Mr Pavlov and Miss Kuchuk's deaths were chemical-related and a number of items seized from the room are undergoing forensic analysis.
A Square of Yerevan will emerge in Riga near an Armenian church, Dmitry Pavlov, the head of Latgales region of
In preparation for the meeting, Pavlov was instructed to tell White that the Soviets "anticipate a Hitlerite attack on our country, and, by protecting us from the aggression of Japan in the Far East, he will assist in strengthening the Soviet Union in Europe.