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Linus C., U.S. chemist and Nobel laureate, 1901-1994. See: Pauling theory, Pauling-Corey helix.

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Q. I would like some information on high blood pressure, Paul

A. It's diagnosed by measuring the blood pressure several times, it doesn't cause any symptoms but in the long run it's very dangerous. It can be treated quite successfully with medications, although they have to be taken indefinitely.

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Such was the success of their treatment therapy that perhaps Pauling and Rath then dusted off their hands and thought to themselves, "Done with that disease.
Placing both hands flatly on the table in front of him, Pauling leaned forward and looked straight into the television camera.
Pauling tweeted: "Unfortunately Kauto Stone won't line up in the Old Roan Chase @ AintreeRaces after picking up a knock at home.
The double helix may have eluded Pauling, but his mistake helped to galvanize James Watson and Francis Crick into a concentrated effort to find the correct structure.
Linda told us that the Pauling Collection has provided a wealth of data for her research into historical events of the anti-nuclear movement, and she shared some of her findings with us during the lecture.
Pero incluso Pauling, considerado entonces uno de los pocos cientificos poseedores de una comprension esencialmente completa del enlace quimico, era tan solo un pionero orientado en una tierra salvaje aun por explorar, una tierra sobre la cual habia que construir un nuevo mundo: la biologia molecular.
Two scientists at the Linus Pauling of Science and Medicine Institute at Palo Alto, California, conducted research with Dr.
Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB, chief science officer of Metagenics, San Clemente, CA, received the Linus Pauling Functional Medicine Lifetime Achievement Award at The Institute for Functional Medicine's 2011 International Symposium in April.
exclaimed Linus Pauling, as he accepted a proposed wager from Robert Burns Woodward, Harvard University's up-and-coming young chemistry professor.
Linus Pauling is the only person to ever win two undivided Nobel Prizes.
Fernando Cabanillas correctly noted, success with 10,000 mg/day by IV was initially reported back in the 1970s by Cameron and Pauling.
As just one of four individuals to have won multiple Nobel Prizes--and one of only two to have been awarded the prize in two different fields--Linus Pauling was no stranger to good ideas.