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Paul, German pathologist, 1859-1937.
Babès-Ernst bodies - see under Babès
Babès-Ernst granules - Synonym(s): Babès-Ernst bodies
Ernst-Babès granules - Synonym(s): Babès-Ernst bodies
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The classical adaptation Kassandra (1915), written by the German author Paul Ernst (1866-1933), seems rather exceptional within contemporary practice in naturalist, symbolist and expressionist drama at the beginning of the 20th Century.
HARTUNG, Gunter, "Paul Ernsts Kassandra", in Paul Ernst.
Like many before him, Travers starts with Hofmannsthal's famous lecture 'Das Schrifttum als geistiger Raum der Nation' (1927), with backward glances to Julius Langbehn's Rembrandt als Erzieher (1890), to Gustav Frenssen, Paul Ernst, to the Heimatkunst of Adolf Bartels, Friedrich Lienhard, Hermann Burte, and many others, before focusing on the immensely popular and extremely aggressive Heimatroman by Hermann Lons, Der Wehrwolf (1910).
The Sheffield based profilers, Charles Day (Steels) Ltd have ordered the latest Ernst EG3M automatic deburring machine from Hymmen-Miller Ltd, the UK agent for the German company Paul Ernst GmbH.
Paul Ernst has developed the EG3M specifically to overcome the perpetual problem encountered on other machines of abrasive belts tearing on large burrs.
However, the biography of Swiss law enforcement officer, Paul Ernst Grueninger describes how he defied Swiss law concerning the immigration of Jews into Switzerland by falsifying reports and backdating passport stamps.
Some like Paul Ernst became disillusioned with the working classes, gave up Marxism and pursued the transformation of society by means of the search for a 'new morality and a new religion'.
Paul Ernst, commander of the 841 st Transportation Battalion.