Durand, Paul

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Paul, Italian physician.
Durand disease - Chlamydia trachomatis infection which may present as venereal disease or in nonvenereal form. Synonym(s): Favre-Durand-Nicolas diseasevenereal lymphogranuloma
Favre-Durand-Nicolas disease - Synonym(s): Durand disease
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Paul Durand will remain active serving in an executive business development role in the combined company and in addition, two members of St Martin Bancshares' current board of directors will join the boards of Home Bancorp and Home Bank.
Contract award: transportation welcomed into the apf structure "iem paul durand viel" users in saint-martin-du-bec (76).
Previous partners with whom he advanced to the finals were Paul Durand, Tom Lawton and Jason Tomford.
The Secretary General was accompanied on the mission by Ambassador Alberto Borea of Peru, who then chaired the Permanent Council, as well as Ambassadors Aristides Royo of Panama and Paul Durand of Canada.
When Paul Durand and Ronald Rogers, instructors for Assabet's Refrigeration/Major Appliance Repair Department, got the call from Stephen Bitar, program coordinator and adjunct instructor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, they immediately jumped at the challenge.
Paul Durand of Leominster said he never had beer for breakfast either, but tried the pub's Hef offering, a Hefeweizen style ale.
Hemmersbach-Miller M, Parola P, Charrel RN, Paul Durand J, Brouqui E Sandfiy fever due to Toscana virus: an emerging infection in southern France.
Address for correspondence: Jean Paul Durand, Laboratoire Associe au Centre National de Reference des Arbovirus, Unite de Virologie, IMTSSA, BP 46, 13998 Marseille Armees, France; fax: 01 40 61 31 51; email: imtssa.