pastoral counseling

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pas·to·ral coun·sel·ing

the use of psychotherapeutic methods by members of the clergy, members of a religious community, and/or lay therapists for parishioners seeking help with personal problems.
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After ordination, Susan worked as a pastoral counselor in the Turley and Associates Counseling Center in Newton, Massachusetts.
I explained to her that if she was working as a pastoral counselor, and receiving her compensation directly from the church, she may not be in violation of the law.
From that, Herb Barish, then a social work intern and Edward Brown, a pastoral counselor began the Lower Eastside Service Center (LESC) to respond to the heroin epidemic that was tearing through the community.
If there's nothing organically wrong, he or she may recommend that you see a pastoral counselor or therapist to help you cope with your stress.
Jonas enrolled in classes to become accredited as a pastoral counselor, and fantasized with Anne about opening a free counseling center someday to serve the Amish and Mennonite communities in Lancaster.
This book from an experienced pastoral counselor takes seriously the tough questions and quandaries faced by pastors as they minister to bereaved and dying parishioners.
His wife Kathy is a pastoral counselor, and he has two daughters: one is a nurse and the other just received her BA(cum laude).
It is not viewed as being as threatening or as stigmatizing to talk with a social worker, a pastoral counselor, a family therapist, a school psychologist, or a clinical psychologist.
Vera, who doesn't wish her last name publicized because of her work as a pastoral counselor, hails from New York, and is candid about her former life only because the story of her subsequent conversion "gives glory to God.
When consulting, the pastoral counselor "should make use of biblical foundations to help individuals focus on transcendent values that would help them discover alternatives that God wants to reveal to them" (Palomino, 1995, p.
clinical psychologist, pastoral counselor, author of the theory of the inner father explicated here, and the intended co-author.
Anthony Granberry is a pastoral consultant and pastoral counselor in Atlanta.