pastoral counseling

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pas·to·ral coun·sel·ing

the use of psychotherapeutic methods by members of the clergy, members of a religious community, and/or lay therapists for parishioners seeking help with personal problems.
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The paper begins with a sketch of how pastoral counseling differs from pastoral psychology.
Pastoral Counseling Services isn't a religious counseling center, although they do embrace the root word of religion "religio," which means to mend or bind back together.
79) approaches were rated higher than the other three pastoral counseling methods.
Designed to serve as a classroom text in such fields as social work, psychology, educational counseling, counseling, marriage and family therapy, pastoral counseling, and human services, this combines narratives, case studies and practice sessions to help students ascertain their existing skills and develop new ones in a systematic manner.
In a review of 10 studies, clergy consistently indicated that they devoted an average of 15% of their working time, based on a 50-hour work week, to pastoral counseling (Weaver, 1995).
Master degrees include pastoral studies, religious education, pastoral counseling, divinity and combined degrees.
Psychotherapy and pastoral counseling assume the client has a problem or issue that is preventing them from leading a healthy life.
In this new book, what was earlier set forth as a methodological ideal-type gets exemplified concretely around reflection on pastoral counseling and care for families within the Church.
We offer Pastoral Counseling, Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Career Aptitude Testing, Quarterly Support Groups, Weight Loss Issues Support Groups, Women's Issues Support Groups, and Group Session.
During the holiday season, the collaborative also suggests that residents can donate to other local organizations and programs that give directly to needy families: Westborough Food Pantry, Westborough Fuel Assistance Fund, Interfaith Giving Tree, Assabet Valley Pastoral Counseling Center Assistance Fund, and the Free Holiday Store sponsored by the Rotary Club of Westborough and the town's youth and family services agency.