Constantin C., Romanian physician, 1883-1926. See: Pastia sign.
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However, the trills and thrills of gypsy Andalucia are just below the surface and erupt with exuberance, particularly in the feverish tavern scene where Lillas Pastia is played as a hen-pecked Connor Vickery.
A clinical case of scarlet fever is defined as acute illness onset with fever, pharyngitis, and sandpaper-like red rash with or without strawberry tongue, Pastia lines, or circumoral pallor.
Compared with patients with emm12 type strains, those with emm1 type strains had a higher probability of having Pastia lines (OR 1.
In acest context politico-militar international statul roman a numit la Belgrad sapte atasati militari (si anume Dumitru Motas, Constantin Miltiade, Alexandru Pastia, Ilie Cretulescu, Alexandru Idieru, Florin Radulescu, Gheorghe Balosin si la Praga tot sapte (si anume: Lucio Victor Vecchio, Anton Iovanovici, Fotache Pastia, Haralambie Dimitriu, Aurel Racovita, Andrei Nasta, Ion Eftimiu) (7).
Seria atasatilor militari la Praga a continuat cu Pastia Fotache (1923-1924).
To give it a contemporary feel, the character of Escamillo is now a rock star, a representation of modern music culture, who hangs out in Bar Pastia, where Carmen holds court with her posse of leather clad, small time crooks.
Also in the cast were Robert Milne (Zuniga), John Bluethner (Lillas Pastia and Guide) and Maura Sharkey (Mercedes).