Pasteur pipette

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Pas·teur pi·pette

a cotton-plugged, glass tube drawn out to a fine tip, used for the sterile transfer of small volumes of fluid.


Louis, French chemist and bacteriologist, 1822-1895.
Pasteurella aerogenes - species found in swine that can cause human wound infections following a pig bit.
Pasteurella multocida - bacterial species associated with dogs and cats.
Pasteurella pestis - Synonym(s): Yersinia pseudotuberculosis
Pasteurella "SP" - a rarely encountered organism that can cause infection after a guinea pig bite
Pasteurella tularensis - Synonym(s): Francisella tularensis
Pasteur effect - the inhibition of fermentation by oxygen, first observed by Pasteur.
Pasteur pipette - a cotton-plugged, glass tube drawn out to a fine tip, used for the sterile transfer of small volumes of fluid.
Pasteur vaccine
pasteurellosis - infection with bacteria of Pasteurella.
pasteurization - bacteria destruction process.
pasteurizer - pasteurization apparatus.
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11: Pasteur pipettes plastic disposable non-sterile, un-graduated - 5 ml;
Bacillus cereus LMG 6923T (strain for teaching purposes, BCCMTM/LMG Bacteria Collection); fresh garlic bulbs; garlic press; 10-mL plastic syringe; gauze; 250-mL glass containers; glass rods; gram scale; microwave oven; petri dishes; Pasteur pipettes and 1-mL pipettes; microbiological loops; agar (bacteriological or available in supermarkets and health food stores); meat (pork or beef); table sugar; kitchen salt; distilled water; 1-L growthmedium flasks (or equivalent microwave glass containers); glass burners; discard container with bleach (20%); ethanol (70%); paper towels; and Falcon and Eppendorf tubes (or equivalent).
Using a Pasteur pipette, apply 1 drop of sterile distilled water (~20 uL) onto one side of each plate (control) and 1 drop of GSJ on the other.
Common types of medical waste include pathological waste (tissues, organs, body parts, and body fluids removed during surgery and autopsy), human blood and blood products (blood, serum, plasma), contaminated sharps such as needles, syringes, scalpel blades, lancets, pasteur pipettes, and broken glass and finally contaminated animal carcasses, body parts, bedding and related wastes that may have been exposed to infectious agents during research, production of biologicals, or testing of pharmaceuticals.
Apogent also purchased certain operating assets of Meteor Glass' pipette, vial and tube business, including Pasteur pipettes, culture tubes and rain gauges, which will become part of Chase Scientific Glass.
During the development of assays for nitrate and nitrite, we identified disposable gloves and glass Pasteur pipettes as potential sources of contamination.
Product Overview II-4 Pipettes and Pipettors - A Ubiquitous Labware II-4 Categorization of Pipettes and Pipettors by Operating Technology II-4 Electronic Pipettors II-4 Advantages of Electronic Pipettors over Mechanical Pipettors II-4 Working II-5 Programmable Modes II-5 Mechanical Pipettors II-5 Glass Pipettes II-5 Pasteur Pipettes II-6 Serological Pipettes II-6 Plastic Pipettes II-6 Dropstirs II-6 Plastic "Graduated Pipettes" II-6 Plastic "Thin Stem Pipette" II-6 Plastic "Micro Tip Pipette" II-6 Pipette Tips II-6 Categorization of Pipettes and Pipettors by Liquid Handling Capacity II-7 Macro Pipettors II-7 Micro Pipettors II-7 Pipette Aids and Accessories II-7 Pipette Aids II-7 Accessories II-9 Heat Sealer II-9 Pipette Filler II-9 Factors Influencing Purchase of Pipettes II-10
Procurement 1 Petri Dish 60X15mm 2 Place Pitting 3 Inserts for Icsi 4 Petri Dish 100Mm 5 Plated 4 Wells 6 Conical Tube Head Blue 7 Tube 14 Ml 8 5 Ml Tube 9 Pipette 5 Ml 10 Pipette 10 Ml 11 Catheter Preformed Embryo Shutter Punctie17 Ac 12 G Punctie18 Ac 13 G 14 Pasteur Pipettes 3Ml 15 Filter Pipette Tips with 1000 Ml 16 200 Ml Pipette Tips with Filter 17 10 Ml Pipette Tips with Filter Holding Micropipettes 18 Icsi Micropipette 19 Top 20 Denudation 135 Ml Top 21 Denudation 170 Ml Top 22 Denudation 200 Ml Top 23 Denudation 290 Ml 24 Chamber of Migration Sonda 25 Pippelle 26 Filter Incubator 3.
The products manufactured by the glassware consumables business purchased from Meteor Glass Corporation include Pasteur pipettes, perfume vials, shell vials, culture tubes, cigar tubes, hydrometer tubes, wintrobe tubes, westergren tubes, and rain gauges.
Bags Of 500 Units 1 Ml Pasteur Pipettes Sterile Plastic
Contract awarded for Kimwipes delicate task disposable wiper, disposable pasteur pipettes, erlenmeyer flask, squibb separator funnel, chromatograph separation tube, kimble amber boston rounds and pre cleaned epa sample co
Sterilin pipettes graduated, 50ml plastic wrap suction adaptor Pasteur pipettes - 2ml etc Lot 4: Storage and Testing Vessels :Hydrochloric Acid S.