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A nonspecific term for a relationship which strives for balance, equality and mutual respect, and in which information, power and responsibility are shared by two or more actual or legal persons.

An NHS management word used in the context of a Trust’s achievement of Practice Plus on the journey to becoming a Model Employer. Partnership is essential, both internally (in relationships developed with staff-side colleagues) and externally (when working across organisations (trusts)), or when collaborating across strategic health authority boundaries.

Accountable health partnership, see there.


n 1. the association of two or more persons for the purpose of carrying on business (or practice) together and dividing its profits.
n 2. a legal, binding contract defining the association of two or more persons in a business or professional relationship such as a dental practice.
partnership, notice of dissolution of intelligence,
n by any of a variety of means, notice to creditors and the public that a partnership has been dissolved.
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B's interest in partnership property includes his one-half interest in unrealized receivables worth $7,000.
Example: Albemarle contributes to a partnership property worth $25,000 with an adjusted basis in his hands of $50,000.
1031 exchange of partnership property when the property exchanged represents substantially all the assets of the partnership; and
Also, the difference between the amount of payment allocated to the balance of the partnership property (presumably, including good will) and the amount of basis allocated to such property is capital gain or loss.
45) Roseville, CA 50 ConAm Management Corporation (92)# San Diego, CA# 51 Fairfield Residential (41)# Grand Prairie, TX# 52 Partnership Property Management (46) Greensboro, NC 53 Pacific West Management (51) Irvine, CA 54 HSC Real Estate (47) Seattle, WA 55 NDC Real Estate Management Inc.
including herself) benefit from the partnership property through the
The AJCA focuses on three types of partnership transactions: contributions of property to partnerships, transfers of partnership interests, and distributions of partnership property.
Several Regulations sections require or permit the fair market value of partnership property to be recorded on the partnership's books and in the partners' capital accounts.
The basis of partnership property is generally unaffected when a partner sells or exchanges its interest.
Because share prices are modest and shares can be bought or sold without difficulty, REITs are easier for investors to own than buying individual or limited partnership property.
A loss is recognized equal to the remaining tax basis of the partnership assets of all partnership property not taken into account in the regulations.
Recently, CNGC acquired a neighboring Aurora Partnership property from Electra Gold Ltd.

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