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A nonspecific term for a relationship which strives for balance, equality and mutual respect, and in which information, power and responsibility are shared by two or more actual or legal persons.

An NHS management word used in the context of a Trust’s achievement of Practice Plus on the journey to becoming a Model Employer. Partnership is essential, both internally (in relationships developed with staff-side colleagues) and externally (when working across organisations (trusts)), or when collaborating across strategic health authority boundaries.

Accountable health partnership, see there.


n 1. the association of two or more persons for the purpose of carrying on business (or practice) together and dividing its profits.
n 2. a legal, binding contract defining the association of two or more persons in a business or professional relationship such as a dental practice.
partnership, notice of dissolution of intelligence,
n by any of a variety of means, notice to creditors and the public that a partnership has been dissolved.
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39) Prevailing on a defense motion for summary judgment on the basis that a partnership does not exist or a party is not a part of the partnership is difficult in phase one of a partnership accounting action.
During phase one of a partnership accounting, the plaintiff has the burden of showing it entered into a partnership with the defendant.
Traditionally, an action for a partnership accounting encompasses "all claims, counterclaims and set offs between and among the partners involving matters related to the partnership .
71) In short, the trial court and the special master are accorded great discretion in deciding how to conduct a partnership accounting.
1938), the Florida Supreme Court explained the rationale for awarding attorneys' fees in a partnership accounting lawsuit: "The general rule is that costs including attorney's fees will be allowed from the estate in cases where trustees or cestui que trusts represent all the beneficiaries and bring a fund in court for distribution or in cases of partnership accounting.
The costs in a suit for partnership accounting, including expert fees and attorneys' fees, are generally payable out of the partnership.
A trial court retains great discretion in awarding fees in a partnership accounting.
In contrast, if the trial court determines during phase one of the partnership accounting that the party seeking a partnership accounting is not entitled to an accounting because no partnership exists, then attorneys' fees do not shift.
A partnership accounting can be an exceptionally useful tool for limiting the number of issues in a dispute between former business partners who have axes to grind and personal animosity.
Understanding Partnership Accounting describes how investment partnerships allocate the results of their investments to the partners, including tax reallocations for performance fees, and other tax and reporting issues.
Advent Partner, the emerging standard in partnership accounting software, is a component of Advent Office(TM), Advent's enterprise investment management solution suite.

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