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parties, the persons who take part in the performance of any act, who have a direct interest in a contract or conveyance, or who are actively involved in the prosecution and defense of a legal proceeding.

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Q. I have friend that drinks a lot of alcohol and not only in the parties I worry for her and I do not want that she will be alcoholic, how can i help her?

A. Thanks to all for the excellent tips..

Q. I am getting married soon and my fiancé drinks alcohol which I found while partying with him. I am getting married soon and my fiancé drinks alcohol which I found while partying with him and he takes alcohol heavily and goes unconscious. I am worried about the alcoholism, whenever I see him drinking. When do its symptoms appear with chronic drinkers like After 10 years...20 years???

A. binge drinking does not considered as being an alcoholic. and if you ask me being addicted to alcohol is more about your natural inclination to get addicted to things (drugs, gambling, doughnuts). i suggest talking to him and seeing if it's a regular habit or just binge drinking in parties.

Q. what would be the best way to protect my teeth from decaying?i fill pain always in my private parties,what prb whenever i take long with out sex,so i would like the advice from my fewwol

A. i fail to see the connection between teeth and groin pain...about the teeth. it's very very simple- get used to a healthy oral hygiene. brush your teeth in the right way twice a day for at least 6 minute. use floss. go to a dental hygienist, she'll guide you through it.

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Under Article 13 of the Political Parties Order, 2002 every political party is to submit to the Commission within 60 days from the close of each financial year, a consolidated statement of its bank accounts on Form-I duly audited by a Chartered Accountant.
Insurance companies should be aware that, whether they are responding to subpoenas as nonparties or issuing subpoenas on their own behalf, in the area where nonparties are most likely to incur significant costs--attorney's fees resulting from reviewing documents for responsiveness and privilege--there are arguments to be made that these costs should shift from producing parties to requesting parties.
The parties should proceed to arbitration within 90 days after signing the agreement.
However, it's highly probable that the accountant already represents both parties in his work.
I've been to at least 16 different parties in the past year," says Evans, the Positive Health Project staffer who accompanied me to the sex party in Brooklyn.
Today, many people believe that the two parties are more sharply divided than ever.
Many reform opponents contended that parties would be weakened without their $500 million of soft money and would no longer play a major role in elections.
While these notices generally are required to disclose categories of nonaffiliated third parties to whom there is disclosure of non-public information, the GLBA does not require that a practitioner specifically disclose to a client that independent third-party providers are used in performing services to clients (i.
And the final detour is the left's love affair with third parties.
Sometimes residents or their responsible parties become seriously past due, either by an honest mistake or through willful disregard.
The issue of how America's two main political parties have dealt with race is still a potent one, as Republican Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi discovered.
There are often negotiations between both parties as to the timing of the apology, the specificity of the offence, the nature of the explanation, the degree of remorse and the amount of reparations.