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Dermatology A sunscreen that protects against UV A. See Ultraviolet A.
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Diger FDA onayli filtreler gibi Tinosorb S de Parsol 1789'un fotostabilitesini arttirir.
Ingredients such as avabenzone, Parsol 1789, oxybenzone and dioxybenzone provide some protection against UVA rays and can be found on the labels of many "broad spectrum" sunscreen products.
Look for Parsol 1789 (avobenzone) and benzophenones (primarily oxybenzone).
But research has shown that a common filter, Parsol, is broken down by the sun, so gets less effective as you wear it.
The glass, 6mm SGG Vetroflam, was installed in double-glazed units with grey Parsol, another Vetrotech Saint-Gobain glass which incorporates solar control.
The combination of Parsol UV filters with the support of Amphisol, Tilamar, Valvance and skin care actives enabled DSM formulators to create a light emulsion.
Different Parsol body tints -- a green on one building and a grey on the other -- were incorporated into the surface of the glass.
Product Developments II-22 Huntsman Pigments Introduces Low Dust Titanium Dioxide II-22 Huntsman Showcases Its Portfolio of TIOXIDE[R] Pigments II-22 Nano Chemicals Launches TiO2[TM] Protectant II-22 DSM Introduces New Parsol TX Filter II-22 DuPont Develops Advanced TiO2 Product II-22 TiO2 Coated School Uniforms II-23 BASF Introduces T-Lite range of TiO2 Products II-23 Millennium Chemicals Develops New TiO2 Pigment II-23
Parsol TX--is a 100% rutile--type titanium dioxide (TiO2) core with a double-tight coating of silica and dimethicone.
The triple-glazed envelope of the semi-circular block is energy efficient and is lined internally with Saint-Gobain's Parsol green insulating glass.
By combining Parsol UV filters, the AmphisolL K emulsifier, skin care actives, vitamins and Valvance sensory enhancers, DSM presents its latest holistic UV protection solution.