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1. The killing of one's parent (patricide or matricide).
2. One who commits such an act.
[L. parricidium, killing of close kin]
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Magda's parricides are fantasies, and each one could be read as a further displacement of a desire to kill the parent, on which a taboo is placed, and to possess a forbidden phallus.
In "Dostoevsky and Parricide," Freud expresses the consequences of repressed hatred toward the father characteristic of the Oedipal complex in the formulation: '"You wanted to kill your father in order to be your father yourself.
The different rates used to calculate the correlations were established by dividing the number of parricides and violent crimes committed during a given year by the population of Canada on June 1 of the same year.
The "model of filial ingratitude" Hemingway provided in his "ritual murder of Sherwood Anderson" would before long be imitated by "a new generation of parricides," as Cowley phrases it (And I Worked 34).
Appealing to Gloucester's sensitivities, Edmund claims that he insisted to Edgar that "the revenging gods/'Gainst parricides did all their thunder bend" (2.
Candide expresses amazement at how the dynasty could have committed regicides, parricides, and fratricides on such a scale, but he cannot believe that everyone engaged in such practices, for otherwise Ahmed himself would not be there.
If you call up the Metelli, the Fabii, and Cicero as great patriots, I can give you Cinna, Mario, and Caesar as parricides.