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This is similar to where we are now with the paraphilic disorders," he said, with most of them still considered potentially criminal.
In In re Fields, the Supreme Court of Illinois addressed whether the defendant could be diagnoses with paraphilic disorder despite not reaching the age criteria for such a diagnosis under the DSM; the court found it could overlook such age requirements.
The low number of participants with a diagnosis of either ASPD or one of the paraphilic disorders is surprising.
In some individuals, the paraphilic behavior might be present much of the time this.
In spite of his heterosexual life, the paraphilic disorders persisted, both the fetish and the masochist ones.
This means that a benign fetish like being turned on by feet or enjoying some consensual bondage play would be considered a paraphilia, while having a sexual obsession with underage children would be considered a paraphilic disorder.
What the sexologist is sure about is that public masturbation is paraphilic sexual behavior -- that is, a fetish, a perversion, a form of exhibitionism and abnormal.
Of particular controversy was the proposal to include paraphilic rape, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and masochistic personality disorder (Corcoran & Walsh, 2010).
For another group, paraphilic behaviors frequently correlate with compulsive masturbation and pornography use (O'Donohue, 2008, 79, 297).
Treatment of the Paraphilic Disorders: A Review of the Role of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors," Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment 9 (4): 349-360.