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Artur, German physician, 1870-1916. See: Pappenheim stain, Unna-Pappenheim stain.
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At Pappenheim Castle, we treat ourselves to a lengthy stop.
21) "Dora's feminist power, paradoxically," Showalter observes, "is as a tragic literary figure" (333), an "unsuccessful" hysteric and--because--a failed feminist, or someone who didn't leave a record of feminist work, as did Pappenheim.
7) It appears that at various points along the way others appeared with the delegation; a report in the Sentinel, a Chicago Jewish newspaper, also included the names of four other members--Rabbi Israel Rappaport, Wolf Pappenheim, Nissan Jablonski and a Mr.
The concept was born in 2003 when Carl Pappenheim printed the first design as a present for his mother.
They settled in the Bavarian village of Pappenheim, where they were supported by the kindness of relatives and assistance from the International Refugee Organization.
A Conservative rabbi, Albert Pappenheim of Downsview, Ontario, invited him to participate in a forum to be held at the synagogue and also agreed to participate in a panel organized by de Corneille at Christ Church in Toronto.
One of the copies includes a note--much discussed by historians--by Walburga Marschallckhin von Pappenheim, one of the few female aristocratic adherents of the group, that points to a process of collective editing of the "Response.
But then I discovered that Pappenheim, the German physician for whom Pappenheim bodies are named, wrote in 1906 a paper that described the same basic findings as mine.
There is a real danger that by exaggerating, you are doing the opposite of what is intended resulting in severe transgressions in sexual matters," Shlomo Pappenheim, a member of the rabbinical authority preparing to make the edict, said.
Breuer told Freud about his treatment of Bertha Pappenheim (later known as Anna O.
70) Bertha Pappenheim (1859-1936) is a German socialist and feminist of Jewish origin.
We don't have weapons, we don't have tanks, we don't have policemen or jails," Shmuel Pappenheim, a spokesman for the protesters, told Israel Army Radio Friday.