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Acronym for lentigines (multiple), electrocardiographic abnormalities, ocular hypertelorism, pulmonary stenosis, abnormalities of genitalia, retardation of growth, and deafness (sensorineural); of autosomal dominant inheritance.


a big, graceful, yellow cat with dark brown to black spots and a long, thin tail. It is spread widely through the world. Called also Panthera pardus.

leopard cat
clouded leopard
the coat color is grayish but in other respects this cat resembles Panthera pardus. Called also Neofelis nebulosa.
snow leopard
dark spots on a white skin and a long, thick tail make this a very handsome cat. Called also Uncia uncia, ounce.
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A Panthera pardus tulliana, a subspecies native to Turkey, was photographed by researchers from Karadeniz Technical University (KTE[pounds sterling]) in September after years of research.
In a telephone interview, BaE-kaya told Today's Zaman that the shooting was very "unfortunate," as it comes at a time when his team and officials were close to declaring conservation zones for the Panthera pardus.
Phylogenetics, genome diversity and origin of modern leopard, Panthera pardus.