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Panoramix, a radiographic system in which the source of radiation is placed inside the oral cavity to expose a large film placed extraorally around the face.
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Panoramix for Financial Advisors has partnered with Redtail Tehnology in a marketing relationship with Redtail, offering paperless office and email archiving solutions to the financial services industry, the company said.
Objective: "The objective of the PANORAMIX project is the development of a multipurpose infrastructure for privacy-preserving communications based on "mix-networks" (mix-nets) and its integration into high-value applications that can be exploited by European businesses.
No ano 2003, La Ribot presentaba Panoramix no Palacio de Velazquez de Madrid, invitada polo Museo Reina Sofia despois do seu paso pola Tate Modern e antes de presentalo no Pompidou de Paris.
Repsol gives data for Brazil find MADRID: Spanish oil major Repsol said that its third discovery in Brazil's Santos Basin, a column of gas at the Panoramix well, has given maximum flows of 378,600 cubic metres per day.
The well, named Panoramix, is in block BM-S-48, located in water 170m deep in the Santos Basin.
Audacious young Gaul Alafolix (Stephane Rousseau) falls head over heels in love with Greek Princess Irina and, with the help of Asterix (Cornallic), Obelix (Depardieu) and the druid Panoramix (Jean-Pierre Cassel), he travels to Greece to win the Olympic Games and the Princess's heart.
B-side Panoramix also has an intensity and energy that guarantees you won't stop dancing for a second and makes this release a true gem.
He will also be seen as comic book staple Panoramix when megaproduction "Asterix at the Olympic Games" is released in early 2008.
19) JEREMY BENTHAM, DEFENCE OF USURY 3 (1816), available at http:// panoramix.
Echelon, LonWorks, Panoramix and the Echelon logo are trademarks of Echelon Corporation registered in the United States and other countries.
Esther Pedrosa arrives there and is mistaken for "Star" by Panoramix, the guru of a group of clubbers who invite the village girl to join them.
This was a tremendous accomplishment made possible in large part because our NES system leverages the device networking technology of our LonWorks infrastructure business -- from power line smart transceivers in our NES meters to our Panoramix enterprise software in our NES system software.