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, leave day, therapeutic leave day
A planned and supervised furlough from care, esp. from a residential care facility. Leaves are often granted so that residents of a care facility can spend time with their family. Leave days may also be required from time to time when residents need specialized services or inpatient medical care.

Patient discussion about leave

Q. What happens if you leave appendicitis alone? I have symptoms of appendicitis, but I don't want to go to the hospital. What should I do? and what could happen?

A. If you have symptoms of appendicitis you should see a doctor immediately, because the major complication of an untreated appendix is rupture and infection of the entire abdomen, that can lead to generalized sepsis.

Q. Any ideas about why she leaves some food in her plate. Thank you for your visit. My daughter is 8 years old and she is a poor eater. She never wants to eat dinner even if it's her favorite dish. And then she picks it and an hour later she says that she feels hungry. She never completes her plate, always leaving a bit, no matter what we feed her. Should she be forced to eat dinner and if she doesn't, have only the dinner to eat later? Any ideas about why she leaves some food in her plate?

A. She trusts her mom. The most common reason to be like this is she knows that she will get something to eat later from her dear mom. While she shouldn't be forced to eat, she should learn that her main meal in the evening will be served at the dinner time.
Some other things that you might do to help deal with your picky eater include:
• Make sure that she isn't eating a big snack after school or filling up on juice, soda, or even milk before dinner.
• Offer her smaller portions so that there isn't as much left over on her plate.
• Don’t offer bribes or rewards for eating.
• Never talk about dieting, calories, and such, especially if she or other family members have problems with being overweight. Instead, talk about eating healthy.
• Consider not offering her anything else to eat if she misses dinner or just offer a small, healthy snack.

Mainly a visit to your Pediatrician to monitor her growth, development and eating habits would also be a good idea. Hug her now!

Q. What makes me worried that it’s really painful but might not be able to leave all of a sudden. Doctor diagnosed my son with peanut allergy after some tests. His body generates rashes and these eruptions are painful for him. I thought it big to be eczema as I heard about it, but now it is diagnosed and I am not able to decide how to avoid him of not giving peanuts and to keep him away as he likes them. Once near to me I can try to avoid to some extent, but once away to school or in playing with friends he does eat them regularly. What makes me worried that it’s really painful but might not be able to leave all of a sudden.

A. My friend’s brother does have the experience of peanut allergy. These peanuts are nutritious, but its allergy is awful. He has a clear understanding of this and avoids eating them. I too have found that he followed strict guidelines for not eating them when it was diagnosed for him. The best thing is to create some other or new foodstuff taste for him which might help him be consumed an alternative for nuts for some times and then provide with peanuts for him to regain his remembrances for the culprit he consumes. It needs to be done under your care for long time till he develops the inhibitions for nuts. You must also remember to memorize some medicine names and symptoms, so, if consumed unknowingly can explain what it is to anyone responsible nearby.

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For example, one sick leave bill introduced in the Legislature would exempt businesses with five or fewer employees from having to provide paid time off.
workers with paid vacation and 43 percent of San Francisco workers with paid vacation said they were willing to give up a different workplace benefit for more paid time off.
Unite believes that only when there is a legal compulsion for employers to allow their workers paid time off for education and training will there be an improvement in the current situation.
At the very least, the United States should follow the lead of other advanced economies and provide paid time off for workers who are ill, have an ill family member, or need time to care for a new child.
You need a documented, well-thought-out policy for paid time off and extended leave.
The scheme was aimed at employees of smaller firms, who cannot afford to give workers paid time off, and low-skilled workers who move jobs.
HR 1119, known as the Family Time Flexibility Act, would allow workers to choose between getting paid and receiving paid time off at the rate of one-and-a-half hours for every hour they work overtime.
Yet, neither of these methods give employers the flexibility to limit overtime pay, normalize payroll expense over the course of a year, and have employees available or on paid time off depending on seasonal workloads.
com, offered employees paid time off to participate in rallies in support of or in opposition to the war.
Gray Davis signed the nation's first law requiring employers to give workers paid time off to care for new babies or sick family members Monday, a move advocates say could promote similar efforts elsewhere.
5 has a more powerful scheduling wizard and provides instant feedback of critical information (such as service levels, cost budgeting, paid time off and schedule changes) and enhancements for controlling a variety of scheduling scenarios, The Paid-Time-Off module now allows for allocation of paid-time-off usage for all positions worked by employees who work multiple positions.
Several European countries already give paid time off to both parents, but so far only mums in Britain have been eligible.