Paget's cell

Pag·et's cell

Any of the large, epithelial cells with clear cytoplasm associated with Paget's disease of the breast or an apocrine gland cancer of the skin.
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Histopathology of areolar region showed characteristic Paget's cells in clusters in basal epidermis and in single's in upper epidermis.
Figure 5: Paget's cells in the epidermis- large cells in cluster and singles with clear cytoplasm and hyperchromatic nuclei.
Suprapubic region, Paget's cells, cytokeratin 7, carcinoembryonic antigen.
Dermis showed chronic inflammatory cells with invasion of Paget's cells into the dermis at places (Figure 2 and 3).
The current theories on the origin of Paget's cells are: a) an adenocarcinoma in pluripotent epidermal cells, b) an underlying adenocarcinoma of apocrine or eccrine glands or c) the multicentric effect of a carcinogenic stimulus in the epidermis.