polyvinylidene fluoride

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polyvinylidene fluoride (PVF2)

a commonly used piezoelectric material in a hydrophone. It is also used in imaging transducers.
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The building is roofed with PVF2 finish silver Kalzip 65/400 aluminium standing seam in a gentle horizontal curve, from which the flue stack soars upwards with 'ski slope' curve at one end and horseshoe curve at the other.
Unlike the other buildings, which have concrete or brick walls, the cabins have sandwich panel walls, with polyurethane between an external layer of PVF2 coated aluminium and enamelled internal particle board.
Composite Panels supplied E-Corn Super 4 panels with a Goosewing Plastisol finish for the roof; Metallic Silver PVF2 panels with the same profile for the warehouse walls; and its new E-Com Modular flatwall system for the walls of the administration blocks.