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n polysomnograph; polygraph performed during sleep. Physiological variables such as pulse, blood pressure, and respiration are monitored and charted.

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Q. Could someone please explain about the Fibromyalgia and sleep studies? My cousin who is 15 yrs old is suffering from sleep related problems. Should I suspect that he have fibromyalgia syndrome? Could someone please explain about the Fibromyalgia and sleep studies?

A. You could have given more details about your cousin’s sleep related problem. I could not say anything directly for your cousin as I don’t know about his actual problem. But generally saying, Individuals who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia/who suspect they have fibromyalgia syndrome, sometimes submit themselves to sleep studies. Sleep studies can provide confirmation of a patient's sleep related problems by monitoring brain wave activity. By monitoring such neural activity, information can be gleaned regarding the quality and nature of sleep that a fibromyalgia patient experiences. Recent evidence indicates that fibromyalgia may be related to insufficient amounts of deep level delta wave sleep. Delta wave sleep is the level of sleep at which a person's body both recuperates and regenerates. Failure to reach or maintain deep level sleep may have something to do with the pain that is experienced by those who have fibromyalgia.

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