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The PRSC series is an important component of the World Bank s Country Partnership Strategy CPS with Mozambique and supports the objectives of the institution eradication of extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity.
CPS, the World Bank under this strategy is dedicated to support its support to the national budget process and provides for consecutive PRSCs as an important element in supporting poverty lessening agenda of the Mozambican government.
Likewise, improving public investment management systems will result in investments with higher returns and a bigger impact on the well-being of the population, said Enrique Blanco Armas, World Bank Task Team Leader for the PRSC and Senior Economist.
The PRSC series is an important component of the World Bank Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) with Mozambique and supports the institution s twin goals of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity.
The PRSC took 11, the PLD seven, and the Partido Revolucionario Independiente (PRI) three.
Mejia offered Balaguer and his PRSC a pact by which the two parties would share leadership posts in Congress, with the PRSC managing the Chamber of Deputies and the PRD the Senate.
In 1996, however, Balaguer was not a candidate, and the PRSC had to field a weaker candidate whose vote was 12% less than the PRSC's usual performance.
With Balaguer back in contention in the May 2000 election, the PRD profited from the failure of the PLD and the PRSC to again form an alliance against the PRD candidate.
Fernandez won in 1996 in a second-round vote with Balaguer's PRSC support, blocking popular PRD leader Jose Pena Gomez from office (see NotiSur, (1996-08-23).
Public comments on the projects is urged by PRSC for proposed for funding and on the region s draft Transportation Improvement Program for 2013-2016.
The objective of this second series of PRSCs is, specifically, the implementation of the development objectives to which the PRSC-5 contributes: improve the policy environment for infrastructure and private investment, with a particular emphasis on actions to ensure a smooth transition to private ownership in the cotton sector, enhance governance in the office du Niger, improve the ease of doing business, enhance the financial sustainability of the electricity utility , said Clara de Sousa, the Bank s Task Team Leader.