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mystery pig disease

A swine livestock disease, first reported in Germany and the UK, that causes devastating reproductive losses and nursery-grower pig respiratory disease, and which has been linked to the PRRS virus. 

Clinical findings
Animals go “off feed” for about a week, showing signs of pneumonia. Within 1–2 weeks, sows at 105–112 days gestation abort—abortions do not occur at earlier stages of gestation—the period of which lasts about 2 weeks. Some litters have piglets that are weak at birth, which often die or become infected and then die. Preweaning mortality may reach 40%.


porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome.
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Overall, SS2 was found in 58 (11%) sick pigs and on 33 (32%) PRRS outbreak farms.
New Zealand Pork CEO Sam McIvor said pork producers were extremely concerned about the PRRS risk from the proposed relaxing of biosecurity standards.
For controlling PRRS in Vietnam, three types of control strategies are available (1): i) stamping out (SO), or culling all infected pigs; ii) strategic vaccination (SV), which implies culling all infected pigs and vaccinating susceptible pigs with an optimal vaccination (2); iii) preventive vaccination, which refers to vaccinating all pigs before the outbreak occurs.
As well that fits in very well with initiatives they have going on in the United States to reduce and mitigate the issues around PRRS as well.
PRRS infects pigs around the globe causing reproductive failure in breeding stock and respiratory tract illness, slower growth and increased mortality in growing pigs.
Although no evidence has shown that the highly pathogenic PRRSV isolate from China or Vietnam has spread in other areas, highly pathogenic PRRS has spread throughout the Malaysian Peninsula to southern Russia.
3 million tons partly due to government sow subsidies and improved PRRS (blue ear disease) control, according to a US government report.
Together with its subsidiaries PRRS (waste recycling services) and Shelburne Equipment Company, Ellis Paint will be able to offer customers a complete solution for paint-related challenges.
31, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- From 2001, FMD, HPAI, PRRS and Swine were respectively been included in compulsory immunity vaccines, meanwhile, China's animal vaccine industry experienced a rapid development with a CAGR of 19.
A possible SLA influence on the inherent disease susceptibility and resistance in PRRS has also been reported (Lewis et al.
The Herd Check PRRS commercial ELISA kit (IDEXX Laboratories, Norcross, GA, USA) was used for serologic analysis; 167 (27.