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As military police continued to respond to the ongoing threat from the hotel, guard force reports began to come in from the other side of the PHQ compound.
PHQ also emphasizes transparency on key methodological issues, including how patient results are assigned to physicians for measurement purposes, risk adjustment of quality data and the statistical reliability of comparisons among physicians, practices or medical groups.
Our results showed that PHQ could be a valuable screening instrument for psychiatric morbidity in primary care and general medical practice.
The PHQ distinction was previously earned by PacifiCare of California, a UnitedHealthcare company.
Anthem and PHQ participating hospitals both win as a result of being a part of the program," said Donna Kusuda, VP Quality and Patient Safety, HCA- HealthONE.
But when the analysis adjusted for baseline differences in the PHQ score, the resulting 14% difference in hospitalization rate between men and women was no longer statistically significant, which suggested that baseline depression scores had played a role in the subsequent rates of hospitalization.
For months our street detectives had been snapping photos from their mobile phones and then uploading them to the PHQ.
This study demonstrates that the PRIME-MD Today's Woman PHQ is a valuable diagnostic tool that can assess these conditions during a routine office visit.
With an early and accurate diagnosis, such as one obtained through the PHQ, doctors can determine appropriate treatment and take steps to improve patient's quality of life.
And, the PHQ is the first test that can be entirely self-administered by the patient in about three minutes, or read to the patient, if necessary.
PHQ will open with strike prices of 30, 35 and 40, with position limits of 4,500 contracts.