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progression-free survival



In cancer care, the time during which a patient shows no signs or symptoms of the growth or the spreading of a tumor.


n post facilitation stretch; therapeutic approach utilized during proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation in which the patient begins the stretch midway between the fully relaxed and fully stretched position and uses maximum level of effort to exert a strong isometric contraction. See also PNF.
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Further, they frequently include media training classes, which can prepare CPAs for news and media opportunities that come the way of a PFS credential holder.
Mark Smith, VP of Sales and Strategy at PFS, comments: "Our alliance with Accendo significantly enhances PFS's strategy for cementing a solid foothold in the rapidly growing real-time data and trading solutions market.
Also incorporated into PFS is an Information Management Process (IMP), a task-specific, modular application that manages essential PFS functions, including configuration and database viewing tasks, as well as the movement of data from one device to another.
The launch service includes a video of an in-space video screen playing a 3 minute video of you saying "hello" (or whatever you want to put in your video) from the edge of space plus your logo or picture in the lower right of the video that PFS makes for you.
TradeTrac, developed jointly by PFS and Financial Software Systems Inc.
In contrast to the requirements that apply to a CPA seeking the PFS accreditation, a CPA seeking the new IT accreditation is not necessarily required to take an examination.
In our Phase 3 non-small cell lung cancer trials with either docetaxel or pemetrexed, PFS is the primary endpoint and survival is a secondary endpoint.
PFS practitioners who deal with high-net-worth clients therefore may be more familiar with the financial problems and mind-set of middle-income households than they think.
The questions on PFS exams are presented in several different formats--objective-format questions (including multiple choice questions) and questions in a case study format.
To attain the PFS credential, candidates must demonstrate evidence of earning 100 points across the three areas.
Finally, a candidate for the PFS credential must have at least 250 hours of experience in PFP activities in each of the three years preceding his initial application.
PFS has made significant progress toward its objective to dispose of substantial portions of its finance receivables.